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New Vaping Bill Could Save E-Cigarettes Posted on 21 Feb 16:21 , 0 comments

It's been a while but do you remember the last time the FDA announced its deeming regulations that got us shitting our pants? Yah, we got something new for you. The most recent news to come from DC involves bipartisan bill from Reps Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop that is said to be a “game changer” for vapers. A little birdie said this new vaping bill has a decent chance of passing.

Stop the B.S. What is this New Vaping Bill About?

The Cole-Bishop bill is called the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017. Basically, it's the intent to change the predicate date to the day of the deeming regulations were finalized, August 8, 2016.

The original predicate date was February 15, 2007, which meant that vape companies would have to complete expensive and rigorous pre-market applications for every product, e-juice, nicotine level, etc,  created after that date. The finalized deeming regulations froze a lot of product development throughout the industry and threatened to put almost all vape shops websites out of business. The new vaping bill would save all products on the market before August 8, 2016 and could quite possibly save the future of e-cigarettes.

The New Vaping Bill Protects the Industry’s Future

The FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017 also sets a standard that will protect vaping companies from further attacks in the future. It includes measures involving battery safety standards and print advertising restrictions to limit exposure to kids. Cole clarifies that these measures would not be effective retroactively, which would help make sure that vape shops aren’t burdened unnecessarily.

How to Support the Vaping Bill

The stars align for this new vaping bill to be successful in saving e-cigarettes and countless jobs, let’s not forget all the infinite amount of lives in the future. As vapers in a community, now is the time, even more than ever to take charge! We need to stand together to encourage both the House and Senate to pass this bill so it will become a law that guarantees the rights of the e-cig industry and its customers. What the hell are you waiting for? Do you part by contacting your local Congress members today!

Jesser Delacruz

Help the Vaping Industry Posted on 26 Aug 13:01 , 0 comments

Recently, I've been noticing the crowds at the California Capitol dwindle. I've been to every meet - even if just to show support. I understand we all have businesses to run - and that's fine. If we can't start the fire, the least we can do is fuel it.

Vaping advocacy is heavy idea.Most of us in the industry are guilty of sitting back; spectating. Some of us don't know where to start.

If we can't donate time, we CAN donate money to organizations that help us. Organizations established by people that use their own time and money to make a difference, and work to change the industry for the better.

The first organization that we're hosting is

Planet of the Vapes, LLC will be donating on several fronts.

  • Our eight shops across California will be asking for donations.
  • Our build teams will be making pre-made coils.
  • We'll be hosting an open blog for you to ask questions. If we can't find the answers, we'll make sure to ask somebody who knows.
  • Once your donation is verified, we'll add your logo to the bottom of this page as a verified contributor.

100% of these funds will be used for advocacy. 

Click the button below to donate directly to 

You DO NOT need a PayPal account. If you feel more comfortable making donations on your own account, you can send money direct to or send a check to:


Not Blowing Smoke
263 Main Street #131
Oakley, CA 94561


Thank you for making a difference.


Joseph Barcelon
VP Sales & Business Development
Planet of the Vapes LLC
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