United States Navy Imposes Fleet-Wide Ban on Vaping Posted on 20 Apr 12:28

Within the last few days the Navy has placed a ban that will go into effect May 14th on the use and possession of vaping devices throughout the fleet. After a series of unfortunate events involving explosions due improper storage and/or use of batteries the Naval Safety Center called for a full ban of devices on Navy property citing a “significant and unacceptable risk”. It is stated that 15 incidences occurred between October and June 2016 which results in either injury to a Navy personnel or “fire/material damage”.

While the Navy has noted the danger of malfunctioning batteries can be mitigated by properly stowing the devices and batteries, using a correct charger, buying equipment from a reputable manufacturer and not modifying it the ban will still go into effect for the foreseeable future. The ban has been classified as a “suspension” while officials review safety concerns.

There has been a significant rise in vaping amongst sailors and it is a wonder whether many of them will revert to smoking cigarettes since their more health-conscious habit has been deemed a “significant risk”. It is important to be conscious of the safety concerns surrounding improperly utilizing vaping devices and related hardware. Ensuring you are taking the proper steps to store and charge your devices can significantly reduce unfortunate events such as the ones that have taken place leading up to this ban.