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Dr. ShugarChitz Presents

"THE RAZZ" by Dr. ShugarChitz is the Creamy Poop of a Mystic Raspberry.  Totally Clean, Totally Cool
& Soft-Served straight from a Berry's sweet rear. Every hit is a Spewing Mouthful of Dr. ShugarChitz glistening Chits and tastes like a Sugar fairy farted in your mouth!

“HONEYDOODOO” is the magical puke of a mystical Honey Dew Monster. Smooth, creamy & overwhelmingly fruity, with a refreshing flavor that is impossible to put down…seriously try to put it down, you can’t do it!


***This product comes in a box that includes a 30ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle, a sticker, and the 60 ml bottles of juice.