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Drip Sauce by Bumblebee Vapor

Mystic - I remember as a child walking around the carnival, munching on blue cotton candy and chewing on watermelon strawberry Hubba Bubba bubblegum and being mesmerized by the Zoltar mystic fortune teller machine. Mystic is a tribute to that childhood memory and craftily fuses these flavors into a nostalgic masterpiece.

Ape-ricot - Originally known as Legend, we present APE-ricot, a sweet and savory apricot drizzled in caramel. A true apricot taste with a savory caramel finish.

 Liquid Gold - We said we would never do a cereal. We lied. Introducing Liquid Gold, inspired by your favorite golden popped corn cereal with a sweet, glazed flavor this is irresistible.


Samples available upon request** Must email copy of EIN/Reseller's permit to info.planetofthevapes@gmail.com