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panda piss

We traveled far and wide to find the purest of ingredients for our delicious golden treat that may satiate the needs of those who thirst for perfection. The most prominent notes will be a tart and sour lemonade with deliciously sweet strawberry nots bursting through to create a quite enjoyable vape.


sea man

Ahoy, matey! You're in for a sailor's treat. Sea Man is rich and flavorful, with a crew of fruits so bright and delicious. This assortment of melons, pear, and berries will enrich the senses and overwhelm your tastebuds. You may find yourself filled to the brim with joy with each vape as you keep scurvy at bay.


Santa skeet

Bursting a load of flavor on your pallate, this minty treat will bring joy and happiness in a minty lime blend. Santa Skeet will refresh your senses with freshly ground peppermint leaves and a spunky pair of limes, exploding in this tart yet soothing vape.


Four Skins

The notes of Four Skins are sour and bright, with a delicious melody of the best part of the fruit. Ensuring our peaches, pears, oranges, and nectarines are cut off the tree within 10 days of ripeness creats a freshness that is like breaking the skin with your own treat. This fruity blend will enhance your pleasurable vaping experience.


Crack con limon

The first time you try Crack Con Limon my hook you indefinitely. The purest of sweet vanillas and cane sugar are cut with key lime to create an exquisite blend that may pep you up and eneergize your spirit. Have a ball and enjoy your Crack Con Limon!


Available in 15mL, 30mL & 120mL bottles

Nic Strength - 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg