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Vaping Birdy

Empress Penguin:  Fresh strawberries dipped in condensed milk, that sweetens the strawberries and adds a bit of creamy texture without overpowering them.

Creme a da Vanille: Ultra creamy and smooth vanilla custard.

Fischer's Lovebird: An explosion of lychee and mango flavor.

Tropical Toucan: Sweet tropical blend of Guava, citrus and some other goodies.

Lost Penguin: This perfect blend of fruit and cream is a combination of sweet mango and condensed milk.

Snowy Owl: Cool minty blend of watermelon and some surprises.

Bananaquit: Turon, a popular Filipino fried caramelized saba banana dessert that is terrific rich in flavors.

Bald Eagle: Toffee, Chocolate and coffee party with a kick that will wake you up in the morning.

Green Parakeet: Cinnamon Apple Pie.

T-BAC:That smooth, sweet, and nutty tobacco. An all-day vape!